04/06/2011 01:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Helen Mirren & Billy Crystal In 'When Harry Met Sally 2' (VIDEO)

When you attempt to create a follow-up to a beloved comedy like "When Harry Met Sally" the stakes are high. You have to stay true to the spirit of the original while raising the stakes and revealing something new about the characters and their philosophies on life. If you can also completely change the genre of the film halfway through, so much the better.

Funny or Die has pulled out all the stops once again for their fake trailer for "When Harry Met Sally 2." Starring Billy Crystal as Harry, and Helen Mirren as Sharon (Sally has long-since died), the short is packed with cameos, including Rob Reiner, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, Mike Tyson and scene-stealer Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation," "Party Down"). But it's the hard left-plot turn the short takes at 1:41 that turns a funny video with famous faces into an instant classic.

And here's a bit of trivia: the video was directed by former Daily Show producer, actress and daughter of Billy Crystal, Lindsay Crystal.