04/08/2011 09:35 am ET Updated Jun 08, 2011

Heidi Mount & Shawn Mount Split

It seems that things have gotten nasty (nastier?) chez Mount.

Last we heard, Chanel face Heidi Mount was standing by her man Shawn, a hairstylist, after he was accused of raping a model at London Fashion Week in September. The charges were dropped in December and Heidi told Page Six, "We are still together. Nothing about these false accusations has changed our relationship."

But now the pair has filed for divorce and are living in separate apartments, the gossip column writes.

The two got together Tuesday night to discuss custody of their young son and the evening ended with Heidi calling the police. She explained, "Shawn said something that made me feel threatened. But I didn't tell the police he had a knife. They asked me if there was anything in the apartment that could be used as a weapon, and I responded. 'He has a pocket knife, and there are kitchen knives on a magnet in the kitchen.'"

Shawn told Page Six, "She made the call in order to get an order of protection against me, so she could get custody of our son. I believe she did it because I asked her through mediation to take a drug test. I believe she is using cocaine."

We hope, for everyone's sake, that the couple seeks counseling, stat. Read the rest at Page Six.