04/13/2011 12:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marquita Pring Goes Swimsuit Shopping (PHOTO)

The Cut took "curvy" model Marquita Pring shopping for swimsuits -- yes, that's right, beach season is coming soon and can be a stylish, equal-opportunity activity, as many of you normal-sized ladies know.

Marquita and co. hit a handful of Manhattan stores. Here's what the Topshop team picked out for her to wear in the sun. And for the rest of the looks, head over to The Cut.

A feather kimono dress ($150) cinched with the skinny plaited belt ($32) and Baxter straight-leg jeans ($80) for some extra coverage, the straw ribbon hat ($44), Hessien slouchy bag ($60), and a pair of the Wanda three-buckle wedges ($100). Photo by Cynthia Chung.