04/13/2011 01:46 pm ET Updated Jun 13, 2011

Staten Island Pot Bust: Police Take Down Alleged $10-Million-A-Year Operation

What do an ice cream truck and a seemingly abandoned garage have in common?

They're both in Staten Island, for one, and they're both allegedly the sites of million dollar drug operations.

From the Staten Island Advance:

A nondescript auto garage in Charleston served as the cover for a $10 million-a-year indoor marijuana farm, federal authorities allege.

Yesterday, federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force agents raided a garage at 3075 Veterans Rd. W that neighbors had thought might be abandoned.

Federal authorities said they seized 450 mature pot plants worth $2.5 million. Sources told the Advance that a hydroponic grow operation usually produces three to four crops a year, so the sellers were running a $10 million a year business.

Keith Levine of Brooklyn, and Michael Arroyo of Staten Island were fingered as the suspects.

Investigators said a cooperating informant told them about the grow house.

In March, police busted a Staten Island drug ring for allegedly selling oxycodone out of an ice cream truck.

Earlier this month, a dentist in Chinatown received a surprise package filled with 31 pounds of pot.