04/14/2011 05:00 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2011

MySpace Sued For Allegedly Releasing User Data Without Consent

The hits just keep on coming at MySpace.

Bloomberg reports that the site is being sued for giving away user data without consent.

According to reports, MySpace allegedly handed over to aggregators data that connects users' names with their Internet browsing histories.

"Myspace knowingly serves as and profits handsomely from being a conduit through which details of the most intimate aspects of its members' lives, as reflected in their Internet browsing history and otherwise, are transmitted to data aggregators, who package the information into profiles and sell it like any other commodity to advertisers," the complaint says.

The ailing social network's privacy policy clearly states that when users provide information to MySpace, the network will inform them "who is collecting the information, how and why the information is being collected and the types of uses Myspace will make of the information."

Furthermore, the policy adds that "Myspace will not share your PII [personally identifiable information] with third parties unless you have given Myspace permission to do so."

News Corp., Myspace's parent company, is reportedly trying to offload MySpace, but have had no success thus far, despite reports they have spoken with both social gaming site Zynga and online music site Vevo.

The site's traffic has plummeted from 88 million visitors in October 2010 to 62.6 million in Februrary--a 29 percent drop.