04/14/2011 10:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Sleeping Beauty' Trailer: Emily Browning In Mysterious Prostitution Film (VIDEO)

This is no fairy tale story.

Emily Browning stars in the new film "Sleeping Beauty," starring as the newest member of a mysterious and shady high-end prostitution service specializing in bizarre and very discreet fetishes. Browning's speciality is especially disturbing: she takes strong drugs to knock her out, allowing men to have their way with her without her remembering what happened in the morning.

It's a skin-showing role much different that Browning's most recent starring turn; she played a fantasy-bound mental health clinic escapee in femme fatale film "Sucker Punch," a critical and box office dud from director Zack Snyder. Browning took the role following Jane Eyre star Mia Wasikowska's dropping of the part.

Browning is no stranger to sex scenes; she had one with John Hamm in "Sucker Punch," though it was edited down due to demands by the MPAA.