Passover Recipes: Keeping Kosher For Pesach With Good Taste (PHOTOS)

Avoiding yeast and other fermented grains doesn't mean Passover food can't be delicious.

There are plenty of ways to keep Kosher for Passover and still eat well. From classics like matzo ball soup to simple breakfast foods there are a lot of dishes that don't punish your palate.

There's even an incredibly easy way to tackle the Seder dinner, and with a little planning it's easy to spend more time with family and friends, and less time in the kitchen.

If you still don't know what to eat throughout the holiday season, Kitchen Daily has composed a full meal plan, stocked with easy, tasty recipes that keep with tradition.

We've compiled some of the best and easiest Passover recipes around below, many of which can be enjoyed long after the holidays have passed.