04/19/2011 05:37 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2011

Beating Victim Pasquale DiDiana Found Attackers Through Son's Facebook Page

Pasquale DiDiana, the 49-year-old owner of Baci Pizzeria, faced a nightmare early Sunday morning. When he heard a disturbance outside his restaurant, he stepped out to investigate the problem, only to be assaulted by five young men who punched him and stole his wallet, phone and keys.

But according to authorities, DiDiana recognized one of the youths -- he believed it was 17-year-old Carlos Suarez, a boy who played hockey with his son, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

So the resourceful victim logged on to his son's Facebook account and tracked down Suarez's page. He was then able to identify the four other alleged perpetrators through photos Suarez had posted, according toNBC Chicago.

All five defendants -- Suarez, Aaron Diaz, Arlind Nikolla, Mateusz Lusz­czek and Joseph Wolf, all of Elmwood Park -- have been charged with aggravated battery and robbery, according to the Chicago Tribune. Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. set bond at $40,000 for each of them.