04/20/2011 10:03 am ET Updated Jun 20, 2011

Byliner Aims To Disrupt Long-Form Journalism

Amazingly, within days of 60 Minutes breaking the story, a new book was already released about it. Only don't call it a "book." Byliner, the company that published it, is touchy about this, because this format is really something new. After all, we didn't call blog posts articles, because blogging was a new kind of news.
But there's not another good word for what this is. This isn't some longer, rushed blog post released on a Kindle. Called "Three Cups of Deceit," it's written by award-winning author Jon Krakauer, painstakingly edited and even available to download for free for the first 72 hours of its launch. Welcome to the stunning, new rapid-fire world of long-form publishing.