04/20/2011 01:22 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2011

Island Lake Village Board Election To Be Decided By Coin Flip

A village board race in suburban Island Lake, Illinois will be decided by a coin toss in the Lake County Clerk's office Wednesday.

Charles Cermak and Allen Murvine each won 576 votes in the race for the third seat on the board. By Illinois state election law, that means that the race is to be decided by a coin flip or other random mechanism, FOX Chicago reports.

But neither of the men is particularly worried about the outcome, as the suburban Daily Herald reports. “We both came from the same slate and we have the same agenda,” Mulvine said. “So it’s a win for our slate either way.”

The candidates will choose which one is heads and which one tails.

Two other trustees on the Island Lake board were decided by outright victories in the April 5 elections. The village, located 45 miles northwest of Chicago, elected Shannon Fox and Thea Morris from the rival slate by convincing margins of 59 and 41 votes respectively.