04/25/2011 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Facial-Flex: Most Terrifying Anti-Aging Product Ever? (VIDEO, POLL)

As a young woman like myself, there are precious beauty milestones that will forever remain a part of you, or so I've been told. One that will never, ever leave the bowels of my brain: the first time I saw the Facial-Flex informercial on late night television.

The year was 2k6; I immediately called my mother into the room so she could witness the magical mouth-gear and myriad of exercises meant to firm the jawline in just weeks! I'm pretty sure she woke up my brother, father and our family dog and we all had a good laugh (while secretly assessing whether we could each shell out $38 plus shipping and handling for the glorified retainer).

Apparently -- and inexplicably -- the Facial-Flex has only gained in popularity since then. Introducing this lady of The Looseleaf Beauty Report. She gets really, and I mean really, into using her Facial-Flex, hitting her stride when the background music swells, even losing count because she's having such. A. Great. Time. The first minute of the video: mesmerizing. The remaining three: absolutely terrifying. But all worth watching!

(Via BuzzFeed)