04/25/2011 09:25 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2011

Studio Visit: Keegan Mchargue On Painting, Inspiration & Branding

(Via Beautiful/Decay)

Always jazzed to find exceptional young talent like Keegan Mchargue. His color palettes, compositions, and ridiculously healthy body of work are but few of the numerous positive qualities found in Keegan's product. I was fortunate enough to have a series of exchanges with Mr. Mchargue and gain some further insight into his practice.

How / when did you decide you wanted to make art? Is this something that you were encouraged to do or did you come about it on your own terms? What kinds of things were/are inspirational to your creative output? (Your Tumblr content aside)

K: I come from an artistic household where creativity was always encouraged. My mother always used to have us do drawing exercises, like drawing things upside down and backwards. My mother also used to show us Bosch and old master works... really amazing stuff that started my early imagination wandering. As I am sitting at my parent's house doing this interview my mother is reminding me that as a kid I drew tens of thousands of shoes. I was obsessive. Still am.

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