04/26/2011 08:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'What's Your Number?' Trailer: Anna Faris, Chris Evans In New Romantic Comedy (VIDEO)

For a beleaguered, seemingly hopeless romantic, Anna Faris has a pretty enviable dating record. But then, even the most dysfunctional guys are Hollywood stars in the world of romantic comedies.

Faris stars in the new rom-com "What's Your Number?," a flick about a woman long on relationships but short on anything meaningful. As she goes through a string of her exes -- from the likes of puppeteer Andy Samberg to a gay Anthony Mackie to real-life husband Chris Pratt -- in search of The One, she finds that she may have what she's looking for just across the hallway.

Of course, most ladies don't have Captain America living in their apartment building.

Coincidentally, Faris met husband Pratt on the set of "Take Me Home Tonight," an 80's-set comedy that they shot three years ago but just recently hit theaters. Pratt plays an ultimately failed love interest for Faris in that film, as well.