04/27/2011 11:32 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2011

Jamie Oliver On Jimmy Kimmel: Truce With The LAUSD?

As expected, new LAUSD superintendent John Deasy announced last night that the school district will stop offering chocolate and strawberry flavored milk in school cafeterias. The announcement came on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, where Deasy appeared jointly with chef and food activist Jamie Oliver.

On the segment, Kimmel ribbed Deasy for the day's school cafeteria offerings: chicken chunks, beefsteak fingers, and something called "wings of fire." He also didn't let Deasy get by with the excuse that the food adheres to government standards, interjecting, "our government is so effed up, I mean let's be honest."

The (somewhat awkward) banter coupled with Deasy's adoption of one of Oliver's top issues (banning flavored milk) makes for a truce between the LAUSD and the activist. It's a far cry from Oliver's icy reception from former LAUSD superintendent Ramon "if looks could kill" Cortines, who banned Oliver and his camera crews from all LAUSD schools last fall.

Oliver praised Deasy, Cortines' replacement, and emphasized that the responsibility didn't fall solely on Deasy and the school district: "He's got a lot of things to worry about. The parents of LA and America need to start giving a sh*t about what we feed kids."

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