04/29/2011 05:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Charlie Sheen In Denver: Takes The Stage 45 Minutes Late, Fails To Impress

The Wells Fargo Theater was half empty Thursday night for Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour, but that didn't seem to wind down his audience who witnessed an unusual combination of the actor's ramblings, painful jokes, and awkward confessions.

Sheen was reportedly 45 minutes late for the show and showed up wearing a Rockies jersey--a signature of his tour, since he wore the jerseys of each team whose state he torpedoed through.

According Westword, women even offered to sleep with him when he took Denver questions.

The actor said however that he preferred Denver much more than to say, Aspen where he was arrested in late 2009 on felony domestic violence charges from then-wife Brooke Mueller.

Despite his willingness to crack jokes at his own media humiliations while on tour, most of the Violent Torpedo of Truth reviews have been negative and tend to recycle the phrase "Sheen bombs". In Denver, a pair of women even said they wish'd they could have brought tomatoes to the show.

Westword reports:

It's not that he stumbled around or fumbled his words; it's just that he really didn't have much to say. It kind of felt like being in a room with our drunk uncle at Christmas - we wanted to leave, but we couldn't. We couldn't leave because of curiosity and because we felt we needed to give him a shot.