04/29/2011 07:56 am ET Updated Jun 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Live Streaming Breaks Records

The Royal Wedding has reportedly broken a new web record: according to Mashable, it has set a new record for total number of concurrent viewers on LiveStream, as well as the total number of concurrent live streams on the web at large.

Mashable says LiveStream confirmed that more than 300,000 concurrent viewers were watching the wedding early Friday morning, with the company expecting the total number of viewers to reach at least 2 million

In addition, Mashable notes that Akamai, "reports that 'concurrent live streams of Royal Wedding on Akamai surpassed the 1.6M peak set by World Cup in June of 2010.'"

UPDATE: Hollywood Reporter adds,"Yahoo! said Friday that its live video stream of the wedding set an all time record for traffic, beating the previous record viewing for the Michael Jackson funeral by 21%."

The Boston Herald notes that whiile Akami recorded a new record for concurrent live video streams, the World Cup still holds another record: "But the royal wedding didn’t break the record for overall page views at news sites, ranking sixth all time with a peak of about 5.4 million per minute yesterday morning. The record of 10.4 million peak page views was set June 24 when several World Cup games coincided with Wimbledon’s longest match."