05/04/2011 10:33 am ET Updated Jul 04, 2011

Sony PlayStation Network Hacker Hunt Taps Top Cyber-Sleuths

As Sony works to restore service to its 77 million PlayStation Network customers and its 25 million Sony Online Entertainment customers, the company has brought in top brass to track down the hacker (or hackers) responsible for the outage.

Sony said on Tuesday that experts in consulting and digital forensics will aid the FBI in the investigation at Sony's San Diego data center, from which the hackers swiped users' personal information.

According to Reuters, Sony's for-hire detectives hail from Guidance Software, Protiviti and Data Forte.

The investigators may have made some headway so far.

Writes the Wall Street Journal:

At least some of the attacks came from a Malaysia-based server, a person familiar with the matter said, though it wasn't clear if any of the hacking was actually done from there, or whether only the server there was used.

Sony has also said it will restore PSN service regionally, starting "this week."