05/05/2011 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Play Farmville With A Real Farm

No longer do the 62 million active users that spend hours on the popular online game Farmville have no real world application for their online farming skills, now participants in MyFarm can actually influence how a real live farm is run.

For a onetime fee of $48, MyFarm allows up to 10,000 "farmers" to make crowd-sourced decisions including crops, livestock, facilities investments and machinery choices. The farm is located in Cambridgeshire, U.K, on the Wimpole Estate, a 2,500 acre property.

For those farmers that are more "virtual" then well, actual farmers, MyFarm has educational resources via blog posts and videos that will guide participants in making informed decisions. Users have one big decision per month. The first decision is to decide what to grow in the 21-hectare Pond Field.

Of course, there are some restrictions; don't expect to see any cannabis plants growing.

See the video below of what happens when an "online cow" visits some of MyFarm's live animals.