05/06/2011 02:50 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2011

Los Angeles Animal Rescue Of The Week: Dogs Without Borders

Galit Reuben was discontent fostering just one dog at a time at another animal rescue when she decided to found Dogs Without Borders in 2006. "I needed to help a whole fleet of them!" she says, looking back.

Since its inception, Dogs Without Borders has, as the name suggests, led Reuben and the organization to rescue animals from all over the world and find them local, loving homes. Reuben asks, "Isn't that what America was founded on?"

Today, 95% of Dogs Without Borders' dogs come from high kill LA shelters, though 5% are still taken in from other locations and groups around the world, like Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (AART). Dogs Without Borders' goal is to keep growing while staying afloat in a bad economy. Though Reuben started running the nonprofit alone, she hopes that with the help of more volunteers and donations, she can continue her work to save more dogs both locally and internationally.

Photos and captions courtesy of Dogs Without Borders.