05/11/2011 10:14 am ET Updated Jul 11, 2011

Google Chrome Laptops For $20-A-Month To Debut At Google I/O 2011 Day 2

Google's I/O 2011 event is well underway following Tuesday's big keynote, and Google may have a bit more up its sleeve for Day 2 of the conference.

An unnamed Google executive told Forbes that Google will launch a subscription-based Chrome laptop.

Packing Google's Chrome operating system, these low-cost devices will be aimed at students, the exec said. A $20 monthly fee will reportedly include "online services," writes Forbes.

Google unveiled the Chrome OS Cr-48 test program late last year, and a student-centric Chrome notebook would be the first big launch for the unproven Chrome OS platform.

A Chrome notebook for business could follow. "Small and medium-sized businesses are banging on our doors to get something like this," the Google exec told Forbes.

This isn't the first we've heard of subscription-based laptops. Neowin reported in April that Google planned to launch laptops for $10 to $20 a month in summer 2011. Similarly, Google's Sundar Pichai tweeted in March that "partner devices" would be out mid-year.

We'll know soon enough if Google will be launching a revised Chrome OS laptop at I/O.

Check out Engadget's liveblog of the Day 2 keynote, or watch Google's livestream, both starting at 12:30 pm ET.