05/11/2011 12:29 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2011

Scott Pollard: Phil Jackson 'One Of The Most Overrated Coaches Of Our Time'

Is Phil Jackson overrated?

The coach with 11 NBA championship rings said after the Dallas Mavericks swept his Los Angeles Lakers that Game 4 was the final game he will coach. Now, the question is where Jackson belongs on the list of all-time great coaches in any sport.

Former Sacramento Kings center Scott Pollard, who battled Jackson's Lakers when they had Shaquille O'Neal, told Grant Napear on KHTK that he thinks Jackson is overrated:

I just think he’s one of the most overrated coaches of our time. He’s only had the greatest players of our era on his teams. Put him in charge of the Sacramento Kings this year, and I don’t mean to offend Sacramento fans, but put him on a team with no Hall-Of-Famers on it at least no one that has established themselves as a Hall-Of-Famer already, put him as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and let’s see how he does next year with no Hall-Of-Famers on the team. That’s all I’m saying.

Pollard went on to say that he respects Jackson's championship rings, but he has "never taken a team that wasn’t a playoff team and turned them into a playoff team."

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