05/13/2011 08:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Skeleton Featured On NYC's New Digital Speeding Sign

In an effort to reduce traffic fatalities, New York City will display new digital boards letting drivers know they're exceeding the speed limit, a common practice around the country. In New York, however, the warning will be a little more graphic.

When a driver in New York exceeds 30mph, the new sign will read "SLOW DOWN" along with an LED picture of a skeleton, according to the Wall Street Journal. The signs will be unveiled this summer.

Skeletons have been a common feature of the Department of Transportation's "That's Why It's 30" campaign, which reminds drivers there is, in fact, a speed limit in New York:

The use of shocking imagery has proved one of the city's favorite tactics in tackling safety and health issues. Stores selling cigarettes were previously required to have signs showing cancerous lungs, rotting teeth or a stroke-damaged brain. An anti-soda campaign included this disgusting commercial showing a man drinking a can of fat.

At a press conference today, Michael Bloomberg told reporters,"“The idea is to get people to realize that what they’re doing could kill them or kill somebody else and to encourage them to obey the law. And unless you make it graphic people don’t get the message."