05/24/2011 05:09 pm ET Updated Jul 24, 2011

Denver Mayoral Runoff 2011: Michael Hancock Launches 'Clear The Air' Website

A new page has appeared on Denver mayoral run-off candidate Michael Hancock’s campaign website - it’s called “Clear The Air” and it’s aimed at rebutting some of the claims lobbed towards Hancock from Chris Romer’s campaign.

The closer the candidates get to the June 7th runoff date, the more tense, and at times downright barbed, the campaigning and debating of both men has gotten.

The Romer campaign released an attack ad that was seen as controversial by some, after which the Hancock campaign made a statement on their website that the ad “leaned deceptive” about Hancock’s pay-raise voting as City Councilman.

Then, just last week, Kendra Sandoval -- a paid staffer on Hancock’s campaign -- showed up at a Romer news conference and heckled former mayor Federico Pena after he announced his endorsement of Romer, as the Huffington Post reported.

But, now Hancock, who has pledged to run a positive campaign is using his platform to call out what he considers negative campaigning by his rival, Romer on his “Clear The Air” page. Hancock also addresses what he considers “negative” attacks from a 527 group, “Citizens For Accountability," according to a Fox 31 report.

In a statement made to supporters via email, as reported by Fox 31 Denver, Hancock says:

We’re going to fight back, but we’re not going to stoop to a level of shadowy special interest groups and nasty automated phone calls. We’re going to continue our positive campaign by fighting back with the facts.

Hancock has released a number of “Clear the Air” statements on his website, read those statements here.

Read about Romer’s campaign, his endorsements and watch new campaign ads at his campaign website, Romer For Mayor.