05/24/2011 12:55 pm ET Updated Jul 24, 2011

Syrian Children Orphaned By Crackdown On Anti-Government Violence Escape To Lebanon (VIDEO)

CNN's Arwa Damon spoke to four children left orphaned by the crackdown on the ongoing anti-government violence in Syria. The children, whose identities have not been released for their own safety, spoke frankly about their experiences during the military assault on their hometown, during which they were separated from their parents.

"My mother was crying; she could barely talk," 13-year-old Omar says. "She said, 'Your father died,' and then the phone cut off."

As Damon discovers, the children joined other refugees fleeing the government crackdown and escaped into Lebanon. At times, they had to crawl across their frontier to avoid detection by the Syrian military. Though the children are now safely in the care of an aunt living in Lebanon, they remain traumatized by what they've seen and heard.

Their mother remained behind in Syria, refusing to leave her husband's body and fearful of military retribution if she attempts to bury the body.