05/27/2011 09:46 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2011

Paul Ryan Or Doritos? 'Outliers'

Brendan Nyhan asks where the Obama scandals are.

Frank Newport notes a 16-month approval high for Obama.

Republican pollsters say they warned against a vote on Ryan's budget and Medicare remake.

John Sides offers a cautionary tale about over-interpreting early polls.

David Hill thinks Fox News' pollsters are phoning it in on Obama's reelection prospects.

Jay Cost says the Fox poll tilted Democratic.

Sean Trende thinks we can read anything we want into NY-26.

Democracy Corps finds pullback against Republicans in the House.

Mark Mellman says Americans favor higher fuel economy standards.

Mary Pat Clark notes that 'staunch conservatives' are wary of Wall Street.

A Haaretz poll finds Netanyahu's popularity increasing in Israel.

Phil Trounstine shares his AAPOR presentation on polling's chaotic untamed frontier.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project makes its raw data available online (via FlowingData).

Ted McCagg charts how love for Paul Ryan's budget plan increases and love for 50% off Doritos decreases as income rises.