06/01/2011 11:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lytess Slimming Leggings: Can Caffeine-Laced Pants Really Help You Lose Inches? (VIDEO)

Our "Good Morning America" gal pal Becky Worley -- well, we wish we were gal pals -- has set her skeptical sights on a new product: caffeine-laced leggings. The $50 pants made by Lytess have caffeine sewed right into the stretchy fabric and promise to slim your hips and thighs after three weeks' wear. Too good (and weird) to be true?

The verdict (SPOILER ALERT!): Worley sure looked cute, but she didn't lose any inches. The leggings didn't even get her "totally wired," which would have been an awesome side effect. Looks like we're not giving up our gym memberships anytime soon...or our Starbucks breaks.