06/02/2011 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teressa Middleton Stalls An Intruder In Her Home While Talking To 911 Dispatcher

A panicked Westminster, Colorado mother, hiding in an upstairs closet with her teenage son, called 911 as an intruder entered her home demanding money. While the mother was still on the line, Westminster police responded, arrived at the woman's home in under three minutes apprehending the intruder, 23-year-old Benjamin Saffell.

The response time was incredibly fast, less than half of the national average of seven minutes, according to a Fox31 report.

As 7News reports, the call came into the 911 dispatch on Friday before the Memorial Day holiday weekend when the mother, Teressa Middleton, noticed suspicious Safell staring at her from across the street of her home causing her to go back inside her home and lock the door, according to Fox31.

Moments later, Safell was kicking down her door, as 7News reports, Middleton grabbed her son and ran to the second-floor bedroom of their home and into the closet, locking the door.

Fox31 reports that Safell eventually wound up at the bedroom door while Middleton was still speaking to the 911 dispatcher. Safell can be heard on the 911 call tape yelling, "Unlock the door." And in an act of pure adrenaline and against the advice of the 911 dispatcher who continually tells Middleton to "not talk" and stay calm, Middleton begins to interact with the intruder.

Middleton begins to ask a series of questions that stall Safell momentarily. Middleton can be heard on the 911 tape asking:

"Do you want jewelry?" Safell can be heard on the other side of the bedroom door, calmly responding, "Yeah." And Middleton caries on, "Okay. And, do you want TVs? I'll give it all to you." Safell responds calmly again, "Okay."

She asks some more questions, continuing to engage with Safell, stalling him just long enough for the Westminster police to arrive just a couple minutes later.

CBSDenver reports that Safell is facing seven different charges that include first-degree burglary and assaulting a police officer.