06/03/2011 06:11 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2011

'Welcome Back': Sony Releases Details Of Compensation Package For PSN Debacle

After the ongoing debacle that has been the PlayStation Network hack, Sony is trying to mend relationships with angry users with its "Welcome Back" program.

In the program, Sony will give users who registered before April 20, 2011 a series of perks, including two free games for the PlayStation 3, and two free games for the PSP. The full list of available games is here.

Sony will also give users access to its premium subscription service PlayStation Plus, "which includes games, huge discounts, exciting exclusives and added features like online storage and automatic downloads, to all PSN members for 30 days at no charge, requiring no long term commitment." Users already using the subscription will receive a free 60 days.

Additionally, Sony will provide users 100 virtual items in PlayStation home, "as a show of appreciation for your patience while Home was inaccessible." Further, users will have access to a few "On Us" movie rentals this weekend. Music Unlimited Premium subscribers will receive an extra 30 days of use, in addition to the days lost during the outage.

To access these benefits, users should go to the PlayStation Store, to the "Welcome Back" section, starting today and continuing through July 3.

The PlayStation Network store was restored yesterday.

For more information, go to Sony's post here.