06/06/2011 12:21 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2011

10 Colleges With The Fewest Cars On Campus

Do you go to Georgetown? Odds are, you probably are not driving a car to class, according to US News and World Report's list of colleges with the fewest cars on campus. Georgetown, along with Polytechnic Institute of New York University and University of Wisconsin at Madison are campuses where absolutely no one has cars. A utopia of sorts for those of us who hate traffic.

US News and World Report has more:

Georgetown, for instance, does not allow students who live on campus to have cars there, though the school's Washington, D.C., location allows access to a vast public transportation system, as is the case for NYU-Poly students in New York City.

At Wisconsin, the school's transportation services department offers amenities to incentivize alternate means of travel. Bicyclists, for instance, can pump up a flat tire at airhose stations along the campus's many bike trails and novice riders can pair with more experienced ones, who can point them to the fastest routes through campus via the school's "bike buddies" program.

Does your campus allow cars? Do you think students should be able to have cars on campus? Weigh in, in the comments section.