06/06/2011 12:43 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2011

'36 Prize Riders' Program To Reward Bus Riders For Taking A Greener Commute To Work

A non-profit transit advocacy group is incentivizing bus rides between Boulder and Denver by giving out eight tech-savvy prizes to frequent riders. The group, 36 Commuting Solutions, seeks to reduce commute times along U.S. 36 and improve air quality by promoting alternative modes of transportation.

Prizes for commuters who log their daily commutes are: an RTD 10-ticket pass, an 8 GB iPod Nano Touch, a Kindle, a bike rack, a bike, a bike commuter kit, an HP Mini 201 netbook plus cas, and the grand prize is Apple's iPad 2. The more often people ride the transit system between now and August 1, the more eligible they are for the grand prize.

Commuters must take one of the 11 listed bus routes between Denver and Boulder for solely work purposes in order to be eligible.

36 Commuter Solutions Executive Director Audrey DeBarros told the Daily Camera:

The aim is to get people who aren't riding transit to get them to try it and those who are using transit to ride it more frequently. And we're providing technology to help people work more efficiently or occupy them through all the newfound time they will have while they commute.