06/07/2011 04:46 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2011

Justin Timberlake Talks Golfing, Summer Plans

When he's not on stage, on a movie set or illicitly filling boxes, it's pretty easy to figure out where Justin Timberlake might be: the golf course.

The singer/actor discussed his personal passion with the New York Times recently, taking the newspaper to a course in Brooklyn and explaining how the sport provides him with some much needed refuge and balance amidst an always crazy life.

“I don’t put that much pressure on myself on the golf course,” he told the paper. “So, I don’t feel that. Being an entertainer can be very, very intense. I felt that. To me, golf is getting out in nature with my buddies, or getting to play with my father.”

It was that stepfather, Paul Harless, who taught him the game initially as a kid, though he soon turned toward more important interests such as basketball, music and girls. And having seen his stepson take up the sport again about eight years ago, Harless recognizes that, while relaxing, it does coincide with his professional life.

“Entertaining and golf have two important things in common — rhythm and harmony,” he said. “If you can dance well, when you get on the golf course, you’re going to have a nice harmonious, rhythmic golf swing.”

For Timberlake, time on the course will have to take a backseat to time in front of a press junket. He's got two movies coming out this summer in "Bad Teacher," with Cameron Diaz and "Friends With Benefits," co-starring Mila Kunis. He'll also have to rearrange his wardrobe from what viewers will see in that second film, given the sheer amount of nudity in the "Friends" promos alone.

Oh, and there's no groping on the greens, Justin.

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