WWDC 2011 Stats: The Best Figures From Apple's Huge Press Conference

Some huge announcements were made at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference Monday, including the new mobile operating system iOS 5, PC software OS X Lion, and the unveiling of the iCloud.

Amid the flash were an equally intriguing set of statistics about how Apple's been doing, with startling insight into the company's success in the mobile market, the growth of its PC sales business, and the strength of its iTunes store.

Check out some of the best figures announced at Apple's WWDC keynote address, and share your thoughts in the comments. Then, view our slideshow of Apple's biggest announcements from Monday.

#1: App store's rank among software retailers
5,200: Number of developers at WWDC 2011
14 billion: Apps downloaded from store in its history
425,000: Apps in the app store
2.5 billion: Amount paid to developers building apps
130 million: Books downloaded iBooks store

225 million: Number of credit card accounts linked to iTunes store
15 billion: Songs sold from iTunes store
18 million: Songs offered in iTunes
#1: Apple's rank among music retailers

25 million: iPads sold in 14 months
90,000: Apps made specifically for the iPad

200 million: iOS devices sold
44 percent: Share of mobile market Apple claims to have
#2: iPhone 4 camera's popularity ranking on Flick
Over 1 billion: Tweets sent per week by iOS users
100 billion: Push notifications sent to iOS devices
66 percent: Amount of mobile browsing done on mobile Safari

54 million: Active Mac users
73 percent: Number of those users with laptops
28 percent: Amount Mac sales rose year-over-year in Apple's last quarter
3-4 million: Macs sold each quarter

$100 per year: Cost of MobileMe
$0: Cost of iCloud
$24.99 per year: Cost of iTunes Match
10: Devices that can be used with iCloud

$130: Usual cost of OS update
$30: Cost of OS X Lion update