06/09/2011 09:51 am ET Updated Aug 09, 2011

Kathy Griffin Writes Emmy Speeches: Disses Sarah Palin, Charlie Sheen

She's been quiet lately, but don't worry: Kathy Griffin will always have another Sarah Palin dig ready when called upon.

The comedienne, who spent much of 2010 slamming on Palin and daughter Bristol and played a Sarah-inspired character on "Glee" earlier this year, has penned for The Hollywood Reporter a series of faux-flattering Emmy acceptance speeches for a number of different celebrities. Palin, a potential nominee for her TLC reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," is amongst the targets.

For Palin, Griffin wrote:

Heyhowareyahowyadoin'? Am I proud to win best actress in a drama? You betcha. Doing Sarah Palin's Alaska was the biggest challenge of my career because I had to act like I spend time in Alaska. And that's acting, people. Take that, Michele Bachmann! Let's be honest: Nobody wants to watch Michele Bachmann's Minnesota.

For more of the speeches, which include jokes on Charlie Sheen, Oprah, Kim Kardashian and more, click over to The Hollywood Reporter.