06/10/2011 10:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Lucky': Colin Hanks As Serial Killer In New Comedy (VIDEO)

Colin Hanks, it seems, has a real thing for serial killers these days.

Following his TV show failure as a good guy detective in "The Good Guys", Hanks has thrown his lot in with the bad boys. He's already set to feature in the upcoming season of "Dexter," and come July, he'll star as a serial killer himself.

Hanks takes the lead in "Lucky," the story of a guy who wins the lottery -- and likes to murder blondes. He'll be joined on screen by Ann-Margaret, Jeffrey Tambor and Ari Graynor. It debuted at the Dallas International Film Fest, and looks like a lighthearted look at murder -- a tough feat to pull off.

Here's the synopsis, via FirstShowing.net:

After Ben wins the lottery, Lucy marries him, strictly for the cash. Just as she's beginning to have genuine feelings for him, she discovers he's a serial killer whose victims all resemble her. Still, there's no way she's walking away from those lottery checks, even if it means losing her mind and re-burying all those bodies.