06/11/2011 02:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CNN Interviews Joel Burns, Sam Maden On Red Sox Anti-Gay Bullying Video

Earlier this month, 12-year-old Sam Maden from Nashua, N.H. sent a petition of over 9,000 signatures to the Boston Red Sox. He wasn't asking them to step up their game but, rather, to make an anti-gay bullying video in honor of the recent death of the boy's uncle.

It worked.

CNN recently interviewed Maden about his experience alongside gay Texas Councilman Joel Burns.

Burns made headlines last year when a video of a highly emotional speech he gave went viral. In the video of a council meeting, he talked of a recent surge of teenage suicides that had happened in his district. He said that, as a gay man himself, he remembered his experience growing up and wanted them to know that "it gets better."

Burns told CNN that he thought Maden's actions were an important part of the nation dialogue that he believes gay bullying deserves.

"I'm proud of Sam and I think that his bold action is yet another example of people joining in this conversation about teenage bullying and suicide. All of our kids' lives have worth and even the children have a role in participating in that conversation. I'm so very glad that he did this."


The video by the Red Sox will be part of national "It Gets Better" campaign. Both the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs have also joined in, encouraging LGBT youth to stay the course.