06/13/2011 02:58 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2011

Fathers Day Gifts: For The Dad With The Desk Job

There’s a new kind of gender gap happening in America -- and this one is centered around men’s health. Today, the average man dies nearly six years before his female counterpart, up five years since 1920, according to statistics collected by the non-profit organization Men’s Health Network. They are also more likely to die from the top 10 causes of death than women are.

More than 70 percent of men are overweight or obese (compared to 64 percent of women), around a quarter die from either heart disease or cancer and more than 32,000 men will die of prostate cancer alone each year.

Why? The theories, according to Men’s Health Network, include the fact that men are more likely not to have healthcare coverage and half as likely to make preventive visits to a physician -- not to mention that there’s a societal pressure for men to, well, “man up,” and not complain about health ailments. A brand-new Fox News national survey has found that nearly 70 percent of men find it easier to care for their cars than for their personal health.

And no matter the reason, the bottom line is that today’s men are living increasingly unhealthy lifestyles. So in honor of Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, June 19, 2011, why not give Dad the gift of letting him know that you want for him to live a healthier, happier and longer life?

To help, we’ve put together tons of out of the (tie) box ideas that encompass different categories of men's lives, which we will be featuring in the week leading up to Father’s Day 2011.

For day one, we've collected ideas for the dad with a desk job -- the average full-time working man spends 8.3 hours a day at work (compared to 7.5 hours for women). That adds up to more than a third of a 24-hour day. And considering that the majority of these jobs are spent sedentary, sitting at a desk, what better place to focus on health and wellness? Check out these ideas and then share your own.

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