06/13/2011 02:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Kid Farm' Episode 2 Is Here (VIDEO)

What do you get the family that already has 17 children? Another baby, of course.

When we first met Bill & Jean Engvall, they took us through their day caring for, educating and loving their enormous family. And now they're back in episode 2, expecting their 18th little bundle of diminishing resources. This time around, they give us more insight into how they get it all done in a day.

Spoiler: One secret to taking care of so many children is having the kids parent each other. Ingenius!

The series was created by comedians Pete Holmes and Jamie Lee, directed by Oren Brimer and stars Holmes, Katina Corrao, Matt McCarthy, Nate Fernald, and of course, a bunch of kids.