06/13/2011 05:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mike Langdon Ends Up In Angels' Owner's Box After Mix-Up (VIDEO)

Mike Langdon is no more than a regular guy.

But Saturday night he must have felt like the king of the world.

It turns out the tickets he thought were left for him at will-call before Saturday night's games against the New York Yankees actually belonged to legendary pitcher Mark Langston. He ended up in the owner's box, next to Arte Morano himself, according to Yahoo Sports.

Langdon, 50, not only got into the box, but was greeted by Moreno himself. The team's owner thought he was actually a friend of the pitcher, and assumed Langston was simply running late.

At first Langdon thought the friend who had left the tickets for him had friends in high places, according to the Orange County Register. But after some time passed with no sign of his buddy, he quickly realized there was a mix up. As did Moreno.

From the OCR:

For three innings, they were just two guys at a ballgame. Langdon spoke of his favorite Angels and Moreno shared how much he enjoyed watching Bobby Abreu. Langdon talked of serving in the Navy; Moreno, of serving in the Army's 1st Calvalry Division in the Vietnam War.

Morano let Langdon stay in the box for the rest of the game, even signing a commemorative baseball for him. According to Yahoo, Angels All-Star left-hander Clyde Wright, Hall of Fame slugger Reggie Jackson, and eventually Mark Langston himself showed up and spent time with the accidental box attendee.