06/14/2011 04:43 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Jesus Sighting: Cleaner Sweeps Up Holy Likeness At Wiltshire Church (PHOTOS)

The cleaner at a Wiltshire, England church was just doing a job when they scraped up what some call divine drippings -- a pool of melted candle wax resembling Jesus.

Nicky Irwin, a warden at the parish church of Ogbourne St. George, spotted the melted messiah during the Easter season.

"I was sitting in church just before Easter a little bit bored by a sermon when I saw it," Irwin told the BBC. "I thought, 'Oh my goodness that looks so much like a face' and I thought 'that could be Jesus'."

The Jesus face was formed by candle wax dripping from the church's pulpit, and even though other congregants doubted Jesus' presence, Irwin insists you had to position yourself just right to view the sacred sighting.

"You had to be in the right seat," she said. "From the side it just looked like dripped wax. It was only when you looked at it face-on that you could see it."

Irwin says the church reviewed its work-logs, but so far nobody has owned up to sweeping up melted Jesus.

"I felt really disappointed actually and I wished I'd done more about preserving it."

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