06/16/2011 08:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rush Limbaugh Announces 'Two If By Tea' Iced Tea (VIDEO)

Declaring that "today is a day in broadcast history," Rush Limbaugh revealed on Wednesday that he is starting his own...line of iced tea?

Yes, it's true. Limbaugh suddenly turned into a pitchman during his Wednesday show and announced that, starting immediately, people could go online and buy their very own twelve-pack of his "Two If By Tea" iced tea.

"There I am all of my glory on every bottle on the shrink Rush Revere," Limbaugh said. "The liberals are coming, folks!"

And, indeed, the website set up for Two If By Tea shows Limbaugh in his best New England colonial garb.

"It tastes just like my mother used to make iced tea when I was growing up," Limbaugh said, echoing what everybody always says when they launch a new product. "It is the best iced tea I've ever tasted--and you people who have been with me for a long time know that tea is a big deal to me. This program has a long history with tea."

There are four flavors that can be purchased in 12-packs for $23.76; a portion of the proceeds goes to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. (No returns, though, Limbaugh said--"we're not idiots.")

Limbaugh said that, besides his love of tea, he also wanted to send a message in the Obama era.

"I wanted to demonstrate that even in this economy, with an oppressive regime like the one we have standing in the way of economic growth that it can still happen with ambition and with ingenuity and with desire," he said.