06/17/2011 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck, Ed Schultz In War Of Words (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck and Ed Schultz entered a war of words on Thursday.

The feud began when Schultz criticized Beck on his Wednesday show for saying, "Why would you get a gun? To prepare for tough times, that's why," while seemingly pointing at a picture of President Obama. Schultz said it was part of an escalation of racist and violent rhetoric from right-wing pundits.

On his Thursday radio show, Beck struck back harshly.

"This guy is such a piece of trash," Beck said. His explanation for the offending image? The camera angles on his show.

“I said, 'why do you need a gun? You’ve got to prepare,'" Beck explained. "And I was pointing to the chalkboard [which said 'Prepare' on it], but the camera angle made it look like I was pointing to the screen behind me. And this guy uses that.”

He went on to say that people like Schultz were "why I am leaving television. There's no honor in it. No one is honorable."

WATCH: On his Thursday show, Schultz devoted two segments to Beck's comments.

"You believe that?!" he said of Beck's explanation for the image of him seeming to point at Obama. "He's blaming it on the camera angle!"

He looked at the image again and said, "I don't care what Glenn Beck thinks. He was pointing at, it looks like he's pointing at the President of the United States and encouraging people to get a gun."

Schultz also responded to Beck's "trash" remark.

"Let me give you a fact," he said. "You're the garbage that Roger Ailes took out the back door...trying to weasel your way out of it by blaming it on camera angles and calling me names is dishonorable psycho talk."


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