06/17/2011 02:28 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2011

Cat Found In Air Filter Alive

Meow that's one lucky kitten.

WPTZ reports that a mechanic in Springfield, Vt. discovered a kitten in the air filter.

"I brought in a car for service, opened up the hood, went to check the air filter, and saw a big ball of fur in the air filter. And it was breathing," mechanic Jim Perry said, according to KITV.

Perry said he's found mice in air filters before, but never a cat. "That's nothing I ever expected to find," he said.

The fortunate bundle of fur likely got trapped when the car's owner was on a trip to Connecticut.

One of the mechanics at the shop decided to adopt the pet and give it to his daughter.

"She's in first grade and her birthday's coming up," Josh Webster said. "This is what she's getting."

Maybe this news will cheer up the world's most depressed cat.