06/17/2011 01:38 pm ET Updated Aug 17, 2011

How Do You Get In to LA's Hottest Clubs? A Hollywood Bouncer Tells All

Encountering some of the most powerful people in Hollywood requires nothing more than approaching the entrance of a hot club. The guys guarding the gates at spots like Teddy’s, MyStudio, Bardot and Voyeur control who gets to skip the line, who gets through the door and who’s stuck standing on the curb. Here, a former Hollywood bouncer at one of these venues shares his tips for a successful night in club land.

The Female Factor: “Women have got a 90 to 95 percent chance of getting through the door. Clubs are like a Disneyland for adults, and adults want to have sex, so what makes a club hot is how many girls are there. Guys come and spend money because they want to get girls. Guys can get in easier by coming with a lot of women, preferably a two to one ratio.”

Practice Patience: “If I have 60 people waiting to get in, I have to say no to some of them. It’s my job. I know you’re there, and when I can get you in, I will. People make it hard for themselves by being obnoxious. Speak to me with respect, and I will handle it.”

Build Rapport: “Door guys have good memories. Once I’ve seen you a couple of times, I know you’re frequenting. I always introduce myself and have regulars introduce me to their friends. I’ll remember people from a brief introduction, most of the time.”

Be Prepared to Pay:
“When clubs are at capacity, it usually means they’re over capacity. At that point, the only people getting through the door are those who are willing to spend serious money once they’re inside. We’re not going to risk getting shut down by the Fire Marshal unless we know you’re worth it.”

However…: “Bouncers are always making exceptions; if we’re over capacity but Sting shows up with nine girls, you’re going to let him in. Same goes for celebrities, athletes and big spenders. You’ve got to cater to the people you want to be there.”

Look the Part: The club I worked at prided itself on being alternative, cool and a little hipster. We reserved our spots for people we knew and those who fit the tone of the club -- the young, hip, cool and sexy. LA people -- rocker and hipster types with skinny jeans, leather, nice clothing, and great haircuts -- typically get in without a problem. Button down shirts, however, are a dead giveaway that you’re from out of town.

Just Be Nice: I always respected people who were genuine. When people were honest and said, ‘hey, we don’t know anybody here, but we’re just trying to get in and have a good time,’ I usually tried to help them out. Realness stands out, because it lacks in the club scene.