06/20/2011 07:30 pm ET Updated Sep 06, 2011

Sex Survey: What Do You Really Want From Sex?

The folks over at sex advice site GoodInBed.com recently conducted a survey on boredom in long-term relationships and how that affects sex. The survey of over 3000 men and women found that 25% of the sample reported feeling extremely bored in their relationship, with an additional 25% of the sample on the brink of boredom; the majority of the respondents (57.9%) were entirely interested in trying something new in the bedroom that their partner suggested with an additional 25.7% mostly or somewhat interested in trying something new. This last finding seemed to call for another survey, this time on sexual adventure. Now they're asking readers:

  • Would you like to try something new in the bedroom?
  • What have you done, and what are you up for?
  • What turns you on with your partner?

In the interest of us all finding out what we collectively want from sex, head to goodinbed.com and take the survey. And while you're there, you can find the answer to pretty much any question you've ever had about sex. Really, any.