06/21/2011 07:30 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2011

Host A Farmer: How To Keep The Farmer's Markets Open While The 405 Is Closed

"All markets open rain or shine year-round," states the City of Santa Monica Farmer's Market- but will all the markets remain open during the upcoming 405 closure? Yes, but with the help of volunteers.

"Host A Farmer" was announced Monday by KCRW's Good Food Blog. Many Farmer's Market vendors are based out of Ventura County with the 405 serving as the main thorough-fair to our city. Therefore, KCRW encourages market-goers to open their front doors and to utilize any hotel connections in order to provide a place for Farmer's to stay.

The city has pledged to help too. For example in West LA, farmer's will be "able to park their vehicles in Santa Monica City lots for the duration of the weekend," according to KCRW.

For more information on "Host A Farmer," speak with your local farmers next time you are at the market.