06/22/2011 11:39 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2011

7-Eleven Hit-And-Run Caught On Tape; Police Seek Driver, Willaisha Rankins (VIDEO)

Police in Yeadon, Pa. are looking for the driver of a vehicle involved in a violent hit-and-run that occurred at a 7-Eleven earlier this month.

Gejea Ejeta, 24, a 7-Eleven employee, was replacing a trash bag outside the store on June 9 when a silver 2007 Dodge Caliber hit him and sent him through the store's window.

In the video, a passenger appears unfazed as she gets out of the car and walks into the 7-Eleven. Another passenger falls out of the back seat as the car backs away.

Tyhese Pitts, one of the car's passengers, surrendered on Tuesday. Police recovered the car in Philadelphia but are still looking for the owner, Wilaisha Rankins, a 32-year-old nurse. Rankins is believed to have been driving the vehicle.

Ejeta was taken to a hospital and was released the next day. He is currently recovering at his home but has not been able to return to work.