06/22/2011 09:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cheesemongers' Cheese Tattoos

You know these cheesemongers love their job -- why else would they sport tattoos that express their love of dairy? The latest issue of Culture magazine features cheesemongers from all over the country and their cheese body art of choice. Reasons for sporting the tats include: "they just look badass," "ladies love it, and men wish they had the nerve to get one of their very own” and "without cheese my life would stink."

-Dave Puchta, Murray’s Cheese, Grand Central, New York City

-Jena Davidson-Hood, Sacred Wheel Cheese & Specialty Market, Oakland


-Ian T. Peacock, Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia


-Felicia Johnson, Taylor’s Market, Sacramento

Learn more about these tattoos and see more cheese tattoo photos in the Summer 2011 issue of Culture magazine.