06/23/2011 12:39 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2011

Two SH'Boss Boys Perform 'Skool Boy Swag' At School (VIDEO)

Who could not melt from the cuteness of the SH'Boss Boy's audition on America's Got Talent earlier this month?

Our staff, at least, was crying from pure, warm-and-fuzzy happiness. The three boys also brought the judges to tears when they declared that if they won the one million dollars, they would buy a "big house" and fill it with toys so that every child who doesn't have a home can live and "play all the time." We know, it's almost too much.

Here's a another video we found featuring two of the boys preforming their now famous song "Skool Boy Swag" at a school... With the very books and book bags they "wap" about!

All we have to say is, you're welcome.