06/23/2011 01:17 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2011

'Wet Hot American Summer' Prequel: Stars Up For New Film

When director David Wain let loose the news that he was in the planning stages of a prequel to his star-studded, cult classic comedy "Wet Hot American Summer," fans were ecstatic, but perhaps a bit doubtful that it would really happen. After all, would stars like Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks really want to go back and do that?

In short: yes.

Rudd and Banks, along with a number of other co-stars from the 2001, 1980s-set camp film, told Entertainment Weekly with great enthusiasm that they'd be up to return to their roles -- and that there's already been talk about it.

"It's been discussed over the last decade in various forms and incarnations," Rudd told EW. "I think we would all be up for doing it."

Rudd also that he'd work for basically free, something he'd have to do given the last film's budget of $1.8 million.

Banks was even more excited about the possibility of a summer camp reunion.

"Look, any chance to get that group of people all together in a room I will take," the actress said. "It's been such a blessing on my life that I got to be included in that circle of people."

That circle of people includes co-writer and star Michael Showalter, his comedy partner, Michael Ian Black, Janeane Garofolo, Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper. Not bad company then, and an absolutely A-list cast now.

As for a possible plot, the way Wain describes it, the film could be absolutely zany.

"Yes, we have been talking about a sequel, prequel, something or other," Wain told Jeff Goldsmith of the Q&A Podcast. "The prequel would be the same summer so they would be 20 years old for the part yeah, but not younger. So it would be 40 year olds playing 16 year olds. And yeah, we're in the early stages of thinking about that."

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