06/25/2011 10:26 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2011

Michael Jackson Music Videos: Two Years After Death, Best Videos Remain (WATCH)

Michael Jackson died two years ago on Saturday, falling to a prescription drug overdose with the legal blame is still yet to be decided. It was a tragic end for the King of Pop, a final, whimpering punctuation in what had become the sad final chapters of what was a prolific, transformative career.

Beginning in his childhood with his brothers in the Jackson Five, Michael's talent stood out and quickly captured the ears and hearts of music lovers worldwide. Striking out on his own, he began a decade of unparalleled success, selling tens of millions of albums as he redefined what music -- and entertainment -- could be.

Not only did his pop/R&B fusions provide a new blueprint for the next thirty years of music, Jackson also singlehandedly created the modern music video with his creepy, iconic "Thriller" short film.

Jackson kept the music videos coming over the years, creating a catalog of shorts that blurred the line between commercial music promo and art film. Here are ten of his best videos; vote for your favorite, and in the comments, chime in with any other suggestions.